Swedish Adventure Golf Masters (SAGM)

29-30 August 2020

Golf bar Jungfrusund, Ekerö


29-30 August 2020

Golf bar Jungfrusund, Ekerö

Competition organisers

SAGM 2020 is organized by Kristineberg's Bangolfklubb in collaboration with the Swedish Bangolf Förbundet on the newly laid course at golfbaren Jungfrusund at Ekerö outside Stockholm.
SAGM 2020 is arranged by
Kristineberg's BanGolfklubb
in cooperation with Svenska
The Course Golf Association on the newly laid
course at Golfbaren Jungfrusund
at Ekerö outside Stockholm.

The Pitch

The golf bar Jungfrusund will host the competition, which will be played on the newly laid MOS course in Jungfrusunds Marina at Ekerö in 2019. Ladza Fastigheter has provided unique land on a jetty and with its own sandy beach. There we have put 18 holes with the best artificial turf from Unisport, construction of Citygolf Europe in combination with former world champion Hans Olofsson's now well-known track design. Game quality and strategic challenges are combined with stylish and thoughtful design for both the individual holes and the environment on and around the track. The course has a relatively simple set-up with few major difficulties where all holes can be put on 1 stroke. There will be no tough long second putts normally, it is therefore about finding the right angles and pace to perform a good round. We tip on results down to 26-28 on average at the best, the course record so far stands at 31 strokes, held by Håkan Bengtson, a regular at golf bar and local amateur.


SAGM 2020 will be conducted August 29-30 with the scheduled game start of 8 a.m. both days, detailed playset coming in the spring. The competition is open to licensed course golfers from countries belonging to WMF. Wild card for local amateurs is under discussion with the league, contact us in the event of interest!

SAGM 2020 is played as previous years with 1 golf ball provided by the organizer on site. Planning is ongoing but the basic plan is to play 6 laps in previous years and then decide who will be the Swedish Master of MOS-bana. After that, there will be some kind of final game with extra fine prizes.

We hope that we will create an attractive competition in many ways. We will seek collaborations with several other countries' competitions and we hope for great international participation in the competition as well as Swedish participation in the competition.

We also want a visit to SAGM 2020 to mean fun experiences with good food & drink for both players and travelling supporters. Therefore, take note of what Ekerö offers visitors and what we intend to come up with in direct connection to the tracks!


Other Fun

We want your experience at SAGM 2020 to contain more than just the game. On the one, we recommend you to take time for local excursions to different pleasant places within Ekerö Municipality.

We will offer RIB boat trips directly from the track to DrottningholmCastle, among others.
We come directly from the track offer the opportunity to try other fun water activities with our partner AddWater (Sauna boat, Jetski, Water skiing etc.
We are planning an informal opening dinner with barbecue and musical entertainment Thursday night before the competition.

All above, we will try to price as cheaply as possible, with the help of our sponsors & partners.

We also remind you that the classic Krillan Cup will be held at the Golf bar Kristineberg's course at Kungsholmen, Stockholm during the week, namely Wednesday 26th August, at 17.00.

Partners / Sponsors

In order to arrange such a good competition and events as a whole, we will enlist the help of a large number of people, companies and organizations;

The Pitch

Golf bar Jungfrusund

CityGolf Europe


Ladza Real Estate


Ekerö Municipality

Virgin Strait Marina

Restaurant Jungfrusund


Virgin Strait Marine

Ekerö Padel

Mälarö wood works

Plain Vanilla